Dr. Calvin Day is once again presumed to be innocent after Judge Ron Rangel granted Dr. Day’s request for a new trial on August 26, 2013. The legal effect of Judge Rangel’s signed order is that the verdict is set aside and Dr. Day is now considered to have never been previously convicted. In other words, Dr. Day starts over with a clean slate.

 At the hearing to request the new trial, Dr. Day’s attorney, Michael McCrum, introduced witnesses who gave previously unheard testimony that exonerated Dr. Day. These witnesses also testified to previously undisclosed purported evidence that also demonstrated Dr. Day’s innocence. In addition to this exculpatory testimony and purported evidence that were revealed for the first time at the new trial hearing, a number of heretofore-silent witnesses have stepped forward following the hearing. The illuminating testimonies of these new witnesses controvert the testimony of the State’s primary witness, thus further adding to the stockpile of evidence that substantiates Dr. Day’s innocence.

 Recent media reports that referred to Dr. Day as an “ex-doctor” are wholly inaccurate. At no time has Dr. Day ever lost his M.D. degree nor has he ever lost his Texas medical license. Likewise, media reports that referred to Dr. Day as a “former dermatologist” are also wholly inaccurate. Dr. Day continues to be a member of a number of dermatology organizations and attends dermatology meetings regularly to stay abreast of latest developments in preparation for his return to practice. Indeed, Dr. Day wishes to move forward, get his medical license, and reopen his practice for the many prior patients who continue to write him and express a desire to return to him for their medical care.

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