Letters of Support

Jan. 1, 2012
“My name is Laura Tufino and I worked for Doctor Day for 17 years. I have been asked by many of you how Doctor Day is doing and what you can do to help. I believe that there are many more of you out there who are asking the same sort of questions, so I wrote this letter to give you some answers. My friend Jackie is a much better writer than me and she assisted me with the lingo here so that I could compact as much as possible into one page. For 28 years, from June 13, 1983 until June 14, 2011, Doctor Day successfully practiced medicine and built his practice up to almost 40,000 patients with over 200 patient visits per week. Then unexpectedly, Doctor Day was notified by fax late in the afternoon of 06/14/11 that his license was “temporarily suspended” by the Texas Medical Board. At the hearing to reinstate his license on 07/25/11 Doctor Day’s attorneys did not turn in Doctor Day’s evidence on time; as a result, his license remained “temporarily suspended”. On 07/31/11 Doctor Day was evicted from his office of 28 years because he was required to have an active license in order to retain his leased office space. He and his wife were forced to sell the house that they had lived in for 25 years in order to pay attorneys fees, and more recently, after six months of “temporary suspension”, Doctor Day and his wife filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As a direct result of the temporary suspension, there have been life threatening hospitalizations of Doctor Day’s immediate family members.
The dreadful suffering endured by Doctor Day and his family resulted, in my opinion, from false accusations because Doctor Day took and passed a polygraph (i.e. a truth detection test) and it proved that he is innocent. A copy of this polygraph is included as part of this update and is found on page 2. I also know that Doctor Day is telling the truth because during my 17 years of employment with Doctor Day, he and I have had many heart to heart conversations and for 17 years, I have observed, first hand, his kindness, his generosity, his love for pets, his love for people of all colors, all races, all religions, and all sexual orientations, and his tender-hearted caring for his patients. He is a good man who loves his mother.
The police arrested Doctor Day and paraded him in handcuffs in front of local news television cameras and the news announcer invited anyone else who wished to complain about Doctor Day to join in. This was followed by jaundiced news articles and faceless blogs. With 40,000 patients, 400 ex-employees, and inaccurate media coverage, it was not surprising that other women filed complaints. The only real surprise was that only two other women filed “copycat” complaints against Doctor Day. The news media made it sound as though there were more copycat complainants, but in fact the other complaints had to do with office procedural issues and this of course was to be expected (with 40,000 patients and negative media coverage). The only other complaint came from a fired disgruntled employee. The two copycats were impeached by testimony at the Texas Medical Board Hearing on 07/25/11.
……………………………….Doctor Day has the opportunity to prove his innocence at trial, so let us pray that those in authority will afford him the due process that he and indeed every citizen of this great nation deserve. God be with you.
Laura Tufino”